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Reassuring usability

Developing ergonomics

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Usability is important.  It is a measure of how easily something can be used: a combination of intuitiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.  Interaction of Bath can assess the usability of equipment, environments and systems, whether they are operational, under development or just ideas.  



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A better and deeper understanding of usability


This is what we do:  

•   Hierarchical Task Analysis. This is a structured and comprehensive way of examining and recording what people do.  We use HTA to analyse systems ranging from control rooms to television remote control units.  Our computer tool InterWork(TM) provides an efficient and usable method for storing, analysing and (most important of all) utilising the data.

•   User requirement gathering. We are skilled at understanding the users’ point of view, from questionnaire surveys, roundtables and workshops.  Without this insight, the product or system will never be truly usable.

•   Experiments.  We can also design and run objective tests to provide quantified differences in the usability of rival designs.

•   Rapid prototyping.  We can create models (in software or hardware) to allow the users to experience the proposed system before it is built.

•   Liaison. We provide the bridge between designers and users that is so necessary for delivering usable products.