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Developing ergonomics

Not only is the UK railway system the oldest in the world, it also one of the busiest in Europe.  It is a complex sociotechnical system, in which Human Factors is extremely important in maintaining operability and safety.


Interaction of Bath consultants can meet standards such as Network Rail’s NR/GN/ERG/00027 which sets out how to consider user issues systematically.  There are many other standards, too.  London Underground, for example, has its own standard for integrating Human Factors into system development.


Our transport projects include:


•   A review of rail depot accidents between 1998 and 2004 and the development of national mitigation strategies.  

•   Assessing the ergonomics of the New Automatic Driver Box for London Underground – including both physical and cognitive tasks.

•   Evaluation of the Wessex emergency services integrated control centre, for fire, police and ambulance despatch.

•   Review of the Human Factors of three maintenance depot control rooms for the new Hitachi trains

•   Assessment of the Cardiff road tunnel control room.




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