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Developing ergonomics

Ergonomics can be seen as mainly about the physical aspects of the work environment – the  geometry and layout of workstations, the design of manual handling tasks, the physical properties of products and so on.  


Whereas Human Factors encompasses higher level considerations, such as the functioning of organisational or societal structures, including cognitive concepts such as mental workload, situational awareness and stress.


As ergonomists (or human factors specialists), we recognise that people are at the centre of every work system.  It is only by understanding the capabilities and limitations of human operators that products, systems and organisations can be designed to be efficient, productive, safe and usable.  


Ours is a discipline underpinned by knowledge of anatomy, physiology, anthropometry, epidemiology, psychology, design and engineering.


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Ergonomics, Human Factors, usability engineering .... or what?

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