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A Safety and Environmental Case is a detailed compelling, clear and valid argument (supported by a body of evidence) that the risk a system poses to its users, the public and the environment is As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).  Most safety cases (especially in the defence sector) now include an important element of Human Factors assessment.  As systems of all kinds become more complex, human error becomes more frequent, so we are often asked to look at the designs for a system and predict the probability that those who use it will make an error.  


Interaction of Bath has developed safety cases for variety of military systems, including:


•   the weapon handling system for Astute class submarines

•   the shoulder-launched missile system, NLAW

•   embedded software at Oldbury nuclear power station

•   the underwater escape training module for the Apache helicopter


We have experience of the UK MoD's Project-Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS),  the US safety standard MIL-STD-882(E), and the Cassandra Hazard Management System.


Our in-house software package InterRISK helps to manage the data by automatically producing hazard logs and reports in Microsoft Access, tailored for customer-specified formats.  We can deliver the documentation you need to ensure that your system meets safety and environmental standards.

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Good safety case management is good sense