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Developing ergonomics

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Everyone knows the pain of crouching at a computer for too long.  For this reaason, the Display Screen Equipment Regulations were introduced in 1992 (and amended in 2002) to reduce the number of injuries to computer users.  


Interaction of Bath can supply:


•   Detailed and competitively priced assessments of computer workstations against the DSE Regulations, ISO9241 or any other client-specified DSE standards

•   Clear reporting of any shortcomings in computer workstation design

•   Cost-effective recommendations that take account of the user’s circumstances – for example, pre-existing musculoskeletal injuries or the exact nature of the tasks being performed

•   Short-notice call-out

•   Training in DSE assessment methods

•   IDEAS, our software product for DSE self-assessment.

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Ergonomics in the office environment

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