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In the manufacturing sector, manual handling operations are frequent, people use machinery for long periods, tasks are repetitious and working environments can be noisy and dangerous.  Addressing these issues obviously helps improve the health and safety of the workforce.  What is less well known is that Human Factors techniques can also improve productivity.  


Interaction of Bath can provide:


•   Manual handling risk assessment. More than a quarter of the accidents reported in the UK each year are from lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling.  While there will always be risks involved with the manual handling of goods, products and equipment, we can suggest ways to mitigate them.  

•   Workspace assessments.  Working environments and workspaces need to support and enhance the health, safety and efficiency of those who work in them.  

•   Software tools. We have a number of software tools for analysing work environments and tasks, from manual handling and posture to the more complex analysis of workspace layouts and communications.  


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