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How to improve operability  

To ensure the operability of military systems, the UK Ministry of Defence has established a well-defined process of integrating Human Factors into all stages of procurement, from the Concept, Assessment and Demonstration phases, through to Manufacture, In-service and Disposal.


Human Factors Integration requires not just expert knowledge and experience but also a clear, comprehensive and well-managed plan.  To ensure complete coverage, there are seven HFI 'domains': Manpower, Personnel, Training, Human Factors Engineering, System Safety, Health Hazards and finally Social and Organisational.


Interaction of Bath can provide:


•   Human Factors Integration Plans

•   Early Human Factors Assessment (EHFA)

•   Hierarchical Task Analysis

•   User requirements capture

•   Mental and physical workload assessment

•   Anthropometry assessment

•   Training Needs Analysis

•   Human error identification and reduction.