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Reassuring usability

Developing ergonomics

With many years' experience of evaluating and helping to develop health equipment – from simple medical devices such as insulin pens and urinary catheters, to deep brain stimulators and infusion pumps – Interaction of Bath is well placed to work closely with health professionals and organisations to provide:


•   Usability assessment. Whether we are evaluating existing products or developing new ones, we apply rigorous and systematic assessment techniques

•   Healthcare Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Most patient safety reporting systems concentrate on analysing adverse events.  While this is important, it means that the injury has already happened before any learning takes place.  Healthcare FMEAs help identify potential vulnerabilities before problems occur.  

•   Root cause analysis. Our task analysis experience helps when things go wrong in healthcare services.  By deconstructing an event and gathering data from interviews with staff and data logs, we can get to the root of the problem, and recommend corrective action.


Our projects have included evaluations of:


•   Dose error reduction systems for infusion pumps

•   Reusable insulin pens

•   Insulin pumps

•   Foley catheter valves

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