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For many years, Interaction of Bath has provided ergonomics expert witness services to the civil courts.  This typically involves identifying the ergonomic issues behind work-related injuries and assessing the equipment provided and the risk management system in place.  The key issue is usually foreseeability – could the employer be reasonably expected to have foreseen the injury?


Our expert witness reports are based on thorough, detailed investigation of the workspace or system of work.  We assess whether the individual was adequately protected from harm and whether the employer complied with relevant health and safety standards.  We will undertake work for either party to the case, or act as a single joint expert.  We will deliver a clear, concise and correct report in a format conforming to the Crown Procedure Rules.  


Dave Usher is registered as a 'First Tier Expert' by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and is a member of the Register of Expert Witnesses.  


We have recently begun providing expert evidence to the criminal courts.  As a result, Dave has been included in the Expert Advisers Database maintained by the National Crime Agency.  We look forward to more exposure to this important and interesting work.

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