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Interaction of Bath has developed a range of software products to support detailed and accurate ergonomics analysis.   We use them as part of our day-to-day business and they are also commercially available.


  • InterWork, for Hierarchical Task Analysis, providing analysis of links, timelines, workload and error

  • aTTAin, for task performance modelling based on Tabular Task Analysis

  • SafeLift, for manual handling risk analysis against the Manual Handling Operations Regulations

  • InterNIOSH, for manual handling risk analysis against the NIOSH regulations

  • InterPosture, for posture risk analysis, with RULA and REBA

  • FireStore, for manual handling risk analysis of fire appliances

  • IDEAS, for computer workstation self-assessment against the Display Screen Equipment Regulations.

INT_serv analisys

Professional software tools for accurate and rapid HF analysis