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Nuclear power is an important part of the UK’s energy policy.  We will need around 30-35GW of new electricity generation capacity over the next two decades as our coal and nuclear power stations reach the end of their lives.  


But nuclear power is also a high-risk industry with particular safety issues.  Because the stakes are so high, regulation is very stringent and all work must be completed to exacting standards.  Taking account of Human Factors is crucial to ensuring that any new nuclear power stations built in the UK meet the highest standards of safety, security, environmental protection and waste management.  For many years, Interaction of Bath has worked alongside nuclear power generation companies, helping to do just that.


For the energy sector, we provide:


•   Human Factors assessments. Our techniques for task analysis and user requirement gathering give us a better understanding of how the users interact with the rest of the system.

•   Support for safety case development by quantifying the probability of human error.

•   Control room design assessment.


We are familiar with the power station environment, having carried out project work at Oldbury NPS, Sizewell B, Didcot A and Hinkley Pt A.


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