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An effective control room is central to safety and productivity.  So it’s very important to get the ergonomics right.  Interaction of Bath has worked on:


•   The Emergency Services control room at Devizes, Wiltshire UK. As well as designing and trialling individual workstations, this project also involved laying out the control room to optimise lines of sight and access paths.

•   The Central Control Room at Didcot A power station, Oxfordshire.  We designed the control desk and displays with information derived from a full task analysis.  This led to the first use of touch-sensitive screens for controlling plant in the UK.  

•   Staffordshire Constabulary Area Control Rooms.  Following a task analysis, our suggestions for usability enhancements were successfully implemented.

•   The Line Control Rooms on the Jubilee Line Extension.  We identified usability shortfalls and suggested enhancements.

•   The Control Room at Waterloo Station, London.  We designed this control room for Network Rail to house the controllers of the Wessex area of the rail network and a management suite.

•   The fuelling machine Control Room at Oldbury Nuclear Power Station.

•   The Traffic Management Control Room at Cardiff Road Tunnel.


We can assess your design proposals (in hardcopy, acrobat or CAD format) and recommend ways to enhance the productivity of your control room operators.


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Usable control rooms for effective, safe production