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Dave Usher is Managing Director and principal consultant at Interaction of Bath.  He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and holds a BSc and DPhil in Physics.


Dave founded the company in 1991, based on his experience in the field of human-machine interaction.  Since then he has carried out ergonomics work across most industrial sectors.  This strong technical background helps him carry out a large variety of ergonomics work across most industrial sectors. Dave is particularly interested in human error analysis and ergonomics for older people.


Dave Usher


Steven Wilson

Steven is a chartered ergonomist, with a background in the health service and a special interest in medical devices and patient safety.  He first started working for Interaction of Bath more than a decade ago.  Meanwhile he has amassed a lot of experience managing military and commercial projects.

Irina Marsh (formerly Stanciugelu) is an established expert in applied ethics, crisis management and public relations.  She chairs the NATO Ad-Hoc Working Group on Public Information Policy.  Irina is an experienced trainer in crisis communication, public relations and corporate ethics at an international level.

Irina Marsh

Alison has a background in physiotherapy and a MSc in Health Ergonomics from the University of Derby, where she works as a tutor.  She has a lot of experience of systematic literature reviews and in making sense of 'big data'.

Alison Harper

Ali Antonelli

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