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Reassuring usability

Developing ergonomics

Interaction of Bath was founded in 1991 by Dr David Usher, following a career as a physicist.  As a member of the team that invented the touch screen, Dave did the first usability experiments on a technology that is now so familiar.  He has continued designing and implementing human-computer interfaces, turning to automatic speech recognition and handwriting recognition as the technology developed.  Dave brings a scientific approach to all the company’s work.


Over the years, we have worked for a variety of corporations, companies and organisations, in the public and the private sector.  Our portfolio of services has expanded naturally, as we have developed expertise in the related fields of health, safety and design.  We now cover all aspects of the broad field of ergonomics.  Our projects have ranged from literature reviews to control-room design, from expert witness to Human Factors Integration in large military contracts.  Recently, we have been pleased to be involved in EU-funded research in humanitarian mine clearance and emergency evacuation management.


Scientific achievement transferred to an entire company